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Welcome to our webshop. We are now shipping!! Pricing is £4.99 overnight shipping for all orders, and you can use the 10% off SmodSquad discount for 6+ cans. We ship on a Tuesday, beer should reach you on Wednesday.

For local folks, you can pick up on a Friday, 4-6PM. If this doesn't work, let us know and we'll figure out another time.

Thanks everyone! Any questions email hpendeavours@gmail.com or text 07365 222101


Yep, just like the taproom.

10% discount will be applied when you add 6+ cans to your cart and use the discount code SMODSQUAD. Cheers!


It's cold-weather beer time!

No point denying it (even if you ARE from Yorkshire): it's getting a bit chilly. Which gives us an excellent excuse to brew (and try and flog you) our very favourite kinds of beer: dark, malty ones, some with a bit of smoke, some with a bit of sugar, some with Belgian yeast strains...

Right now, we have Babayaga, a smoky stout at 5.6%, inspired by woodland, witches, crackling twigs and leaves underfoot. Drink this and contemplate, for Spring will soon be here.

Also, a fresh batch of Babalu, our Imperial Stout at 10.0% abv (!). This was just canned in mid-October and will keep in a cool place for when the cold really kicks in and you need warming up.

We have the Belgians coming soon...

Don't despair however if you are a year round IPA drinker, we'll still be brewing those with some new hops we've managed to finagle.

Cheers all!

We missed you...

...And now we're back! We are open for CAN SALES and CLICK & COLLECT every Friday, 4-6PM. And we are open INSIDE at the taproom on the first Sat of the month, 2-8PM.

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